“The Secret of getting ahead is getting started” Therefore Beginning is the most important part of work Once you get started, you move ahead and come closer towards your goal. The way to success is to start sooner, work harder and be consistent in all the good that you do. Success ultimately and essentially depends on the power of your mind, your will power, dedication and perseverance. The starting point of success truly is optimism and hope.

Positive thinking, faith in yourself and the ability to do the ordinary with extraordinary enthusiasm is the best way to rise above the crowd. There is no shortcut to success. Life’s battle doesn’t go with the stronger or faster man, but ultimately the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.


We at SAHARA Computer Institute can illustrate and quote many success stories, but in short we can state that It is ultimately the passion to work hard & smart, and the passion to excel is actually that makes you different making a difference in your life. With determination and spirited performance, we have always been focused to achieve our targeted goals that of guiding our students to reach their zenith of success. We have always imparted knowledge through with value education and with a hand holding process to help students achieve their goals in merit and strive for excellence, which has brought us to such a respected and dignified status in the Industry.

At SAHARA Computer Institute we share another important mission as our corporate social responsibility. We partner the handicapped by training them to complete their enrolled courses without charging them even the basic fees and providing them the motivation and confidence to inspire and achieve success absolutely free of cost.

We look forward to your continuous support and co-operation in creating success and establishing a long term professional relationship as our valuable partner in the field of I.T Education.


At SAHARA Computer Institute we offer a variety of I.T. courses at various levels which conducted by efficient and experienced faculties with a positive approach and disciplined process.


SAHARA Computer Institute is an effective and prominent franchise partner of MKCL. It has been a consistent and progressive center for I.T. Learning for 9 years imparting knowledge and value education in I.T. for students, working professional, entrepreneurs, housewives, retired professionals and the handicap.


SAHARA Computer Institute is situated at a prime location at Ghatkopar and the Institute covers an area of 300 sq.ft, Air conditioned room with all the important, useful and required assets as follows:

11 set of Desktops (Dual Core, 4 GB Ram, 1tb Hdd, 19” LCD Monitor etc.) Drinking water and washroom facility

Organized sitting arrangements for students, professionals and clients Hygienic, neat and clean silent environment with good lighting and ventilation. Counsellor and faculty cabins

Professional systems and procedural norms for enrolment

Experienced staff and Professional faculties for teaching and training

Location: Situated in the heart of the central suburbs, two minutes walking distance from Ghatkopar (w) station, easily accessible with all required facilities.


SAHARA Computer Institute has been instrumental in making a difference in the lives of many. Opportunity always knocks at your door – for some it is a noise but for many it is a voice – a calling to aspire and perspire, to educate and excel, to learn, grow and inspire. We value our customers and consider each one our valuable networking partner and we are open to always extend our hand and reach out for all the good and new innovations and changes that add value to our institution and our customers.

Last but not the least we Appreciate, Acknowledge and Salute the Soul in you for extending your support and for making I.T. Happen by being the SAHARA for the many, by spreading the light of Knowledge significantly in the true spirit of giving called Humanity. LET US TOGETHER MAKE IT HAPPEN.


(Feel the difference : Make a difference – for the feeling is Different)

Our Vision

  • To build a merit based organization of excellence in the I.T. field of Computer education.
  • To establish growth and development centers for optimizing youth resource and talent with a focus on the physically disabled.

Our Mission

  • To support and strengthen in commitment the services of the underpriviledged and needy especially the physically disabled youth who do not have access to computer education and gainful employment.
  • To reach out passionately to the target audience by adding values to Human resource with a special focus on people oriented programs in the field of Information technology and computer education.
  • To significantly contribute to Youth Resource Development to optimize their talent and enhance them for a professional career in the I.T. industry.

Our area of Specialization

  • Hardware & Networking
  • Graphics & Web Designing
  • Ms-Cit
  • Tally
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities,(Educating the physically disabled youth in computer education)

Our Strengths

  • Decades of professional experience in the areas of our specialization.
  • Universal approach through wide networking sources, providing customized & value added services, relating to
  • Exclusive & customized training workshop provided by Professionals/Faculties
  • Qualitative & Professional Services with a personal touch.

Our Experience

  • Our decade of collective team experience compliment our Marketing, Training & Placement operations through innovative, strategic and organized services.

Our Approach

  • Absolutely customized and noble. The customer’s need is the starting point of all our activities and customer’s satisfaction is our end objective.

Our Team:

  • Our team consists of software, hardware, networking and web designing professionals who have vast experience and expertise in their own areas of specialization.
  • Our team is also supported by our networking partners who are specialized in their respective fields like English speaking, Recruitment, career guidance and Marketing.

Our Achievements:

  • Our institute has up to date trained 1200 students in 1) Ms-Office 2) Graphic Designing 3) Web Designing 4) Hardware & Networking 5) Ms-cit 6) Ms-ACIT 7) Tally 8) Software Development.
  • The no.of trained students who have succeeded in getting placed after their successful training are 1100.
  • The no.of students enrolling and clearing the Hardware & Networking exams 550
  • The no.of physically disabled students trained and placed are 45.

Our Future Plans:

We plan to initiate a Complete Career Guidance, Testing, Recruitment & Personality Development center for the YOUTH especially the physically disabled, vernacular medium and backward copmmunity from rural areas who do not have access to these activities and lack knowledge and information.

We intend to start-up an informatio n centre for the above mentioned activities to educate and spread the knowledge to the underpriviledged and the deserving needy youth with a passion and interest to educate themselves for a successful career.